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Introducing 4105: Seattle’s New Event & Venue Space

Top Seattle Event Venue

We are thrilled to finally announce the opening of 4105, our new event and venue space located in our recently renovated industrial warehouse!

Let’s rewind to October 2022, when our mailman asked me, “Do you know your neighbors are moving out?” This was news to our team, and we jumped on the opportunity to expand our headquarters. Over the past seven years that I had worked at Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes, the demand for more space was steadily increasing. Our sales, HR, and finance teams were expanding, and we were now housing most of the DSquared team in the 7,500 square feet we operated in at 4105 Airport Way.

At the time, Reed Haggerty, our COO, was constantly on the lookout for nearby office spaces or warehouses to move part of our operations into. Once I heard about our neighbors moving, I immediately ran to him with the news (and the mail). We were overjoyed to have 25,000 extra square feet, several individual offices, four bathrooms, a large conference room, and an additional open space essentially dropped into our lap. Which (major plus) also meant we could stay close to our culinary team and continue enjoying our mid-day treats! Ultimately, we took over 15,000 square feet, with our friends at Live Oak Visual moving in to occupy the remaining 10,000.

Still, there was lots more to be done!

When we got the keys in the beginning of 2023, we began by hauling away storage to clear the warehouse and painting and re-carpeting the offices. When asked about the project, our Creative Director Matt Haggerty said, “What do we know how to do? Pivot. And we change, and we grow, and we move. We took on a lot of the creative freedom ourselves, so the offices and everything have really been an in-house project with the resources that we have or could recycle.” Our team happily started moving into their new upstairs offices in the beginning of 2023. As we finished up this process, we were still left with an extra, massive room. We thought, “What are we going to do with all of this space?”

About six months into our move, we decided to turn this extra space into a venue. The raw elegance of the venue made this decision an easy one. 4105 is truly a blank canvas, offering a versatile setting where creativity knows no bounds. The venue is capable of accommodating up to 380 seated guests in 5,500 square feet of space, along with another 2,200 square feet of industrial lux cocktail hour space. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand affair, our intention with this space is to offer the flexibility to bring your vision to life.

In November 2023, we had the privilege of hosting the LCA Executive Summit with Lisa Dupar Catering for our biggest event in company history. We used the venue’s blank canvas to turn the space into the ultimate Seattle grunge experience for the welcome party. The cocktail hour featured various interactions, including multiple culinary stations, a live band, a coffee station, and a live artist painting Mt. Rainier. Guests then entered the main room to find Space Needle stilt walkers, a mini Pike Place Market, a retro VW photo booth bus, roller skating servers, and so much more. We couldn’t have asked for a better space to showcase all that Seattle has to offer.  

We are especially excited about the branding and logo for this space. We worked closely with Epoch Design Co. to create a logo that feels authentic to both the space and the direction we are taking it. A nod to our home base at 4105 Airport Way, we incorporated a subtle plane propeller into the backdrop of our logo and infused the font with a retro feel.    

Matt articulates our journey these past few years the best: “We found that change is really hard and unsettling, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not good. Change disrupts our daily routines and plans, prompting us to adjust our patterns. These shifts can create upheaval, but they also pave the way for reinvention. Ultimately, it gives us the opportunity to recreate what we do in a powerful way.”

Stay tuned for updates about this exciting new chapter in our lives, we can’t wait to share more with our cherished community of clients, vendors, and friends.

We are now booking for November & December 2024, call 206-932-1059 or email info@dsquaredcompany.com with inquiries! Our next tour date is on April 5th from 1 to 4pm.

Photo Credits

Event Photos: Mandee Rae Photography

Office Photos: Adam Purkey

Written March 2024.

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Desiree Jones
Desiree Jones
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