📅 DSquared Wellness Wednesday 💓

Take a 3-minute breathing space

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Finding body-based present moment awareness

You can do the 3-minute breathing space in any posture: 

  • sitting. lying. or standing 

Just stopping what you're doing and bringing your awareness into the present. 

Being aware of your body: sounds, thoughts, emotions, and the breath, as is felt in the body, moment by moment. 

Be open to whatever you're experiencing with non-judgmental awareness and notice how everything is coming into being and passing away, moment by moment. 

And allowing your awareness to rest more fully on the breath as it's felt deep in the body. 

Feeling the belly swelling on the in-breath and subsiding on the out-breath. 

And being aware of the breath in the back of the body as well as the front of the body. 

If you find your mind is getting carried away by thoughts, every time you notice, just coming back to the breath and the body

See if you can let the weight of your body settle down onto the earth beneath you. 

And now, very gradually, expanding your awareness

Again, noticing sounds from the world around you: thoughts and feelings. 

And seeing if you can maintain this quality of breath-based, body-based present moment awareness as you re-engage with the activities of the day.

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