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Week #40 Loving Ourselves, First and Forever

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We come in with the “I am” and we leave with the “I am”

We’re excited to be introducing a central theme each month to DSquared’s Wellness Wednesday posts!

And this February is… Relationship month 🧡💛❤️

And what better way to kick off Relationship month than starting with the most powerful relationship in this life ~ our relationship with ourselves 💞.

When we hear the word “relationships” we often look outward. 

The reality is that without a healthy core relationship with me, myself, and I, it is difficult to cultivate healthy relationships with others. 

Loving ourselves, first and forever.

As with many of our other crossings into Wellness, Wholeness, and Wisdom territory, taking a personal inventory is a process that invites honest reflection and self-discovery.

Here are a few prompts to guide your personal inventory on how “relationship with Self” is going. 

Questions for Journaling and Self-Reflection

  • How are you honoring this core relationship that is central to all that manifests in your life?
  • Are you able to express your core values and Truth without being swayed by the noise or feelings of the world around you?
  • Are you grounded in the essence of Self or walking in disguise?
  • What are some of the ways you are employing self-care and if not, why not? 
  • Ways are some ideas you have for ways to get unstuck? This could be for this particular moment in time or as a chaos-prevention plan for the future.

Wondering “how” to practice self-love?

Mantras and affirmations to remember self-love, belonging, and acceptance

Beginning a line of self-talk with “I am” is incredibly powerful… defining ourselves (consciously or unconsciously) of the nature of our being. 

Taking a moment now to usher in the kind and compassionate regard of Self in Love Language 💖

  • “I am here, ad I belong”
  • “I am human”
  • “Small progress is still progress”
  • “I am here for myself, always”
  • “I don’t need to become worthy of love “
  • “I am perfectly worthy of love”
  • “I am a Soul of love ~ Heart of peace ~ Mind of presence ~ Body of calm ~ Being of light”

“Both our first and last love is self-love.” — Nestell Bovee

Looking forward to sharing the rest of Relationship month with each and every one of our beautiful DSquared family members!

Okay, one more adorable video featuring a young affirmation superuser 🌟

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