Weekly Training Topics Launch

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Introducing weekly training topics for TNT catering service staff

Hello TNT Lead Servers and Marvelous People!

We’re excited to finally roll out Weekly Training Topics for our service team, accessible right from the iPads! The page will contain several important pieces of information that will be updated each Monday (hopefully) so that all info is fresh and relevant for our entire service team.

The Weekly Training page will contain such info as:

Oh! I’ve also migrated the Lead Event Notes and Staffing Evaluations to the DSquared website. We’ll now be able to access these forms from any internet connection! See the section below for those page links.

Weekly Training Topics Instructions

Use this link to access the topics page
  1. Before leaving the works, open the link to the training topics. This link will be labeled as “TRAINING” on the home screen of each iPad
  2. Review the contents of the page. Some information is solely for the Leads, some will be relevant for the entire service staff (that’s what we want to present to our servers during the pre-shift meetings)
  3. During your pre-shift meeting, pull up this page again and use it as a discussion tool with your staff
  4. Communicate this information during each event throughout the week. You may hear the same info multiple times, but remember that many servers don’t work so often and may only get one opportunity to hear about our super awesome updates/training
  5. Everyone is on the same page now!!

Please, please, PLEASE send any feedback or suggestions to my email at coltont@dsquaredcompany.com. I will review all feedback and work to build this into a useful and reliable tool for our team. Thank you so much!!!

Page Links

Weekly Training Page: https://www.dsquaredcompany.com/weekly-training

Event Notes Page: https://www.dsquaredcompany.com/lead-event-notes

Staffing Evaluation Page: https://www.dsquaredcompany.com/staffing-evaluation

NOTE: Upon submitting the Lead Event Notes form, you will be automatically redirected to the Staffing Evaluation form. If for some reason it doesn’t redirect you automatically, you can access the link titled “STAFF EVAL” on the homepage of the iPad (the last of the 3 links with the D2 logo)

NOTE: The STAFF EVAL form seems to load quite slowly when you first open it, though I assure you it works well once it’s fully loaded. Please be patient with it and let me know if there are any issues

NOTE: These links can also be found directly on the desktop of the computer in Little T

iPad Screenshot

Where these links are on each iPad’s home screen:

additional training topics

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