Sit Down Meals : Responsibilities and Pointers

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Staff Roles and Duties for Sit Down (plated) Meal Service

General guidelines for sit down meal teams

NOTE: If you are short an entrée or need a different entrée after the table has been served please let one of the meal runners know you need something “on the fly” and have them return with the plate back to you.

Food Runner Responsibilities

Refer to Service Guide – Sit-down Dinner Section

‍Beverage Server Responsibilities

Refer to Service Guide – Sit-down Dinner Section

Section Front Responsibilities

Hold a small team meeting once everyone on your team has arrived

  1. Review roles and responsibilities with each member of your team- Runner and Beverage Server
  2. Makes sure Runners understand they will be running to all sections during dinner service
  3. Section Fronts and Beverages Servers always stay on the floor during dinner service
  4. Make sure your team knows table #’s of tables in their section for beverage service and clearing
  5. Delegate any special assignments to team members
  6. Check in with Runners and see if they are comfortable carrying trays - if not practice before dinner service
  7. Remind team to “Smile” 😄

Additional Duties

Refer to Service Guide for Training – Sit-down Dinners Section – (note there is a change in our system from what’s stated in the Service Guide the Section Fronts and Beverage Servers “Do” stay on the floor during service and Runners run to all sections)

Sit Down Service Hints

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