Philosophies of DSquared Hospitality Company

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Guest First, Teamwork and Culinary Brilliance

Our Philosophies

  1. Guest First
  2. Teamwork
  3. Culinary Brilliance

Guest First

This is the most crucial component of our business philosophies!

A Guest First mentality guides our decisions on a daily basis. Always put yourself in our guests’ shoes to understand what they see, hear, taste and experience.

When you take this philosophy and “live it” you begin to notice things that a guest would notice such as:

We always treat clients as if they are guests in or own home, no matter what aspect of the job we are doing.

Our servers have been hired for your friendly, outgoing, and accommodating personality.  We can train individuals to be exceptional servers if they have the passion for Guest First Service.


Respect, open communication – be kind and treat people with respect and dignity.

Culinary Brilliance

Our clients and guests expect great food from our Culinary team. We set our standards and expectations even higher and challenge our culinary team to achieve menu offerings that are brilliant! Food that is flavorful, creative, visually appealing and craveable!  

We utilize quality ingredients prepared with passion, care and respect. From elevated comfort food to modern "on trend" offerings, our goal is food that is memorable, that surprises the senses, that exceeds expectations, that is BRILLIANT!

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