Glossary for Catering

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Definitions for Common Catering Terms you’ll encounter during events with Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes

Catering terms that everyone should be familiar with

B&B: A bread and butter plate used primarily on seated events

Bar Back:  Assistant to the bartender(s)

Butane or Click Burner:  Used to cook on site when a stove is not available

Cambro:  An insulated plastic box for keeping product hot or cold

Chafer or Chafing Dish:  A metal piece of equipment for keeping food warm with heated water

Chill Bin:  Used to keep beverages cold

Fluff:  Linen used as decoration on a buffet or dessert table

Hotel Pan:  Metal pan that holds food.  These will fit in a chafing dish

Lead:  The person in charge of the team on an event

Pump Pots:  Insulated pots used to serve hot beverages

Scullery:  Area where all dirty dishes, flatware and glassware are brought to be organized

Slim Jim:  Tall rectangular trash can

Slop Bucket:  Used to capture and transfer liquid from an event

Strainer:  Used with a slop bucket to strain out fruit, straws and debris

Sterno:  A can of flammable gel used to heat water or liquid on site.

Risers:  Used to give height at a buffet.  Adds to the design of the buffet.

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