DSquared Company Philosophies

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The spirit of service and our foundation for catering excellence


A “guest first” approach to service is the most crucial part of our business philosophy.  In brief, we treat our clients as if they were guests in our own homes.  We are gracious and accommodating in our interaction.  We do all that we can to make certain that our guests’ experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

A “guest first” philosophy is one that applies to all areas of our business.  It guides our decisions on a daily basis as we put ourselves into our guests’ shoes to determine what they see, hear, taste and experience.

When we take this philosophy and “live it” we begin noticing things such as a napkin on the floor, lighting levels in the room, a bathroom that needs restocking or cleaning, etc…  We also use this as our guide for behavior.  Ex: Do I look clean and polished and am I in uniform, Should I be having this conversation where guests can observe or overhear? etc.


To different degrees all TNT team members come into contact with our guests and should use that contact as an opportunity to make a positive impression.  This can take many forms from offering to take a coat at a function to a simple hello or “welcome to the Hall at Fauntleroy”.  Eye contact and smiles are also crucial ways that we engage our guests.


We work as a team with the team supervisor assigning duties and responsibilities in order to accomplish our service goals and objectives.

Certain things are necessary for effective teamwork:.

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