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How the Davids built Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes

In 1986, two young restaurant-industry vets named David started a business based on a simple question: Could a catering company deliver consistently fantastic service and food as good as a fine restaurant?

The answer turned out to be an emphatic yes. Now, nearly three decades, thousands of events, and hundreds of loyal clients later, David Haggerty and David Meckstroth have grown that upstart catering business into DSquared, one of Seattle’s most respected culinary companies.

Catering is still at the heart of DSquared via Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes, the Davids’ original company. DSquared’s portfolio also includes two popular event spaces; The Hall at Fauntleroy, located in West Seattle, and Melrose Market Studios, in downtown Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. In addition, DSquared operates two restaurants: Davids & Co., a “nouveau barbecue” café in downtown Seattle’s Benaroya Hall, and the fine-dining venue Muse, the official restaurant of the Seattle Symphony.

Though the Davids have grown and diversified, one thing hasn’t changed since 1986. Today as much as ever, they are passionate about combining fresh, delicious, creatively prepared food with exceptional attention to every guest.

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