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Oval Trays for Plated Meal Service

Sit down or plated meals require use of oval shaped serving trays called Ovals. We then line each top with 2 linens. So it should look like the photos that follow

Let's play spot the difference!

This looks NOT SO CUTE
This looks OH, SO CUTE

So, let's remember to always line our trays properly with napkins, before taking them out on the floor or wherever guests are present ;)

BENAROYA Q's and A's

Benaroya Hall, as seen from 2nd ave and University st

What is the deal with linens at Benaroya Hall?

Linen proceedure for Benaroya is always at the bottom of the event notes for your event. All events will have their own linens labeled by event name. Please only use the linens labeled for your event.

Although Tuxedos and Tennis is THE exclusive caterer at Benaroya, we still don't have an ideal linen vendor contact in place that lets us do whatever we want. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR THE SERVICE TEAM: We cannot ever bring our house TNT linen (Alsco is the Vendor) into Benaroya (Superior Linens in the other Vendor). Linen from Superior for each event will always be bundled and left in the coffee room for catering events at Benaroya.

We are free to use a conservative amount of the Standard Linen supplies that are also stocked in the coffee room at Benaroya. Standard Linen supplies include: Black aprons, napkin-sized service linens, and bar towels/rags. Please always pack the Benaroya linen in one of the blue bags (also found in the coffee room) and toss it into the used linen bin found in the Benaroya loading dock.

What are Benaroya parking fees and how to get your parking discounts at 2nd and Union Garage, right next to Benaroya

What is Benaroya Hall In-House Catering?

Benaroya Hall In-House Catering Events are always titled as "BHC - Event Name" in your event details in NOWSTA. All this really means is that all of the food and (most of the) equipment we need for the event will come right out of Benaroya Hall, rather than being transported there from The Works.

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