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May 31, 2023

Chart of Randomized Wellness Inspiration 🎲

When it comes to taking care of ourselves (or simply inviting some FUN into our day) the abundance of available choices for activities can often be detrimental to our intention to engage meaningfully.

More often than not, we simply need to make a decision about what flavor of practice we want to engage in.

That’s why I’ve created this simple little tool to prompt that spark of inspiration for those moments when you want to invite a little wellness into your day! 🌞

🎲 This tool can be used with 1 six-sided die.

If you don’t have dice to roll, you can use this website that will roll two random dice for you!

How to use dice randomization to decide on a wellness activity

  1. First, ensure that you have a decent chunk of free time available to you (at least 5, but up to 30 minutes)
  2. Clear away all distractions (electronic devices, paperwork, etc.)
  3. Roll a six-sided die — This resulting number will correspond to the RED category on the chart below
  4. Again, roll a six-sided die — This result  will correspond to the BLUE list on the chart, below the RED category that was determined by your first roll
  5. Combine the two words from the category and list into a single phrase
  6. Now, it’s up to you to interpret the provided instructions! Maybe you have a crystal-clear idea of what to do… maybe it’s more ambiguous and requires some creative stretching
  7. Try to immerse yourself in the proposed practice for the 5-30 minutes you initially committed to

NOTE: If you don’t have any physical dice on hand, here’s a handy website that can help to get things rolling 🎲🎲

Consult the chart!

RED = Category, determined by the 1st die roll

BLUE = List of options from the 2nd die roll

Interpreting results

This is where the magic of the randomization comes into play! By combining the results from the chart with your own personal perspective and history, an endless flow of possibilities await!

For one person, the result of “5: Move & 3: Pulling” might draw upon the inspiration of “Getting outside to pull weeds from my garden” while another might interpret it as “I’ll pick up those dumbbells I have lying around and do a few rounds of weightlifting.”

And of course, if the results aren’t clear or feasible for any reason, feel free to re-roll to determine a new activity seed! 🌱

Here’s an example of my own to get you started…

My Example Reading

Learn more about the art of random selection (Astragalomancy)

“Randomising choices with the help of dice or coin tosses has surprising benefits.” — source
  • Every day, we’re overwhelmed with thousands of micro-decisions
  • Randomizer tools can be used to lighten the cognitive load on our decision-making
  • Do you ever use the “suffle” feature to randomize the music you’re listening to?

“The practice of contacting divine truth via random castings of dice or bones stretches back before recorded history.” — source
  • The “dice” used by ancient humans were often made of animal knuckle bones
  • Ancient Greeks consulted their oracles through the use of dice and charts
  • Dice games and divination rituals have been used all over the world!

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