THE WEEKCAP: JULY 31-Aug. 5, 2019

August 12, 2019


Exciting news, Nowsta will be upgrading their App on Tuesday August 6th!

The new app will be much more user-friendly and stable for you! The Nowsta app will update automatically for any workers who have automatic app updates enabled. Everyone else should update the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.
If you have questions or have trouble updating the app, send a message to

staffing manager


You may have noticed that you no longer have access to Intuit’s View My Paychecks site. We are in the process of upgrading our accounting software. That should be happening any day now. We will let you know when the upgrade is complete and access is available again. Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, please be aware that due to the Labor Day holiday on September 2nd, the first payday in September will be on Friday September 6th and not on the 5th.  Please plan accordingly.

office manager

Upcoming events:

  • August 8 – BUSY DAY: Harborview Picnic for 3,100 guests.
  • August 10 – BUSY DAY: Obliteride for 5,600 guests.
  • August 23-25 – BUSY DAY: the Boeing Classic at the Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club- 35,000 attendees.  
  • August 30 - evening celebration "lunch" at the Works! (5pm)
  • September 6th - Due to Labor Day on September 2nd, the first payday in September will be on Friday September 6thand not on the 5th.  Please plan accordingly.
Sammi Yuen's creativity lives on with her parting gift of ... TNT Baby Onsies!

Here's our youngest mascot, Dorian Gore, repping the company name. Only about 14 more years until we can put him in the dishpit!


2 0 1 9   T E A M   G O A L  :
Plan 2 Excel

F O C U S   O F   T H E   Q U A R T E  R  :
Q3: Presentation Elevation

C O M P A N Y   P H I L O S O P H I E S :
guest first . teamwork . culinary brilliance


From the team:

From Hannah Evans (Vibrant Cities, 7/31):

  • Seth Prigg is a garnish master and even re-plattered and garnished the remaining pork that was sent in tin foil trays.
  • Shout out to Anna Bornstein for handling rowdy guests and stepping in where needed

From Malcolm (Lambda Legal, 8/1): Isabella Todd, for jumping into the kitchen and making things happen.

From Seth Prigg (Nelson/Miczek, 8/2) Stephanie Lau is amazing! Great attitude, willing to help, so nice. She is a rockstar!

From Joe Staiano (Slalom Day 2, 8/3): Susan Deng.. House Team. This weekend I worked a three day event for the same family. Came in earlier today to load additional things that I would need. A few of those things were additional platters and bowls… And without blinking an eye Susan jumped on it , stopped what she was doing , and carefully wrapped me up some platters and bowls so that we can do our load out. Simple gesture but it is those small responsive things that make a big difference. Thank you Susan… And thank you to the entire house team who performs miracles on a daily basis. I love you all. We love you all.

From Bryan (Andrewartha/Korb, 8/3): Shoutout to Kimberly Jackson and Ly Vann. Even though they had to leave early they gave %110 all day. Very impressed.

From Tony Alcantara (Schocken, 8/3):

  • Monica Argana: Worked tirelessly and professional from start to finish. She demonstrated a great deal of strength, vast knowledge, professionalism and charm. She was my right-hand person the whole time, even taking on training Hang. Monica also took on assisting me with loading the fun at the very end.
  • Christian Hahn: Exceptional bartender who hand crafted a couple of specialty drinks. Christian was also very professional and very engaging to the guests. I was very pleased with the drinks Christian created and with the positive and happy outcomes from all the guests.
  • Emily Schiller: Rock Star Event Manager who provide a great deal of much needed support at the very beginning setting up tables and folding napkins and simply for moral support with the challenges we faced and victory we won! Thanks, Emily!

From Tony Alcantara (Facebook, 8/4):

  • Caleb LaBerge who was very helpful from the very get go. He provided support in finding exactly which Facebook to which to arrive and everything else that went along with the registration system once we got to the lobby. Caleb was very engaging with the guests and showed a initiative from start to finish.
  • Kudos to Chef Michael Chase for a wonderful job with the Mac and Cheese, which was a huge hit. He was also very engaging and would always initiate a "hi, how are you?' and "what's your name?" Chef Mike looked like he was really having a blast with both cooking and serving up the Mac and Cheese and getting into it with the music on the roof top!

From Joe Staiano (Slalom, 8/4): Shout to all staff who worked over the last three days of this special sea fair party, Sydney Gladu, Trifon Papahronis, Natalie Leinbach, Vincent Smoot, and Emily Hardwick.

From Brideen Baker (8/5): Unsung Heroes: The middle kitchen is full of hardworking characters who keep their heads down and push through these busy times with tremendous results. I’m talking about: Harold, Maggie, Hai Le, And Jon. Their work is beautiful, consistent, and delicious. How many skewers, fruit platters, sandwiches, deviled eggs, spring rolls and crudité have we sold over the years? A LOT!

They work hard on these items and so much more…. Much gratitude to them!

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From clients:

"Hi Kimball,

We hope you are doing well!  Thank you so much for your sweet note!  Our wedding day was amazing and we are so grateful to everyone at the Hall and Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes who made that happen! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Overall, everything night of was wonderful!  We really appreciate the attentiveness and kindness of all of the staff that night.

They were awesome! .. The day itself was perfect and we are so grateful!  We have gotten so many compliments about the venue, food, and staff that night!

Thanks again so much!

Anna and A.J."
Ricci/Hostak (7/13)

"HI Emily,
You had a great crew out at the house on Saturday. They worked hard and always pleasant when asked to do something. Tony especially did not let up working every minute, and the others did well also.
The food was wonderful. All the guests were raving about the tasty spread and had a great time at the party. The day was a total success. I think the bartender did well and I was pleased that everyone came and left in an Uber.
We enjoyed leftovers today, and Joe will take the rest to the office for everyone’s lunch.
I liked the colors and the way the tables looked. Many thanks for organizing the party so well.
Yours, Judy"
Schocken (8/3)

"Hi Hanna,

Thank you for helping us arrange everything and our guests love the event space! The staff was very helpful and food was good. I think the chicken sliders was the winner based on feedback from guests.  Hopefully more events to come as we develop in Capitol Hill area!

Thanks! Phil Lam"
Vibrant Cities (7/31)


  • August 1—Andrew Haggerty
  • August 2—Hannah Evans
  • August 4—Andrew Murray & Andrew Kuhn
  • August 6—Myhkel Hodge-Gore
  • August 8—Mike Chase & Rose Siegmund
  • August 10—Saundra Brockett & Evan Stern
  • August 16—Jasiah Johnstone
  • August 17—Andrew White
  • August 18—LaBrone Gaines
  • August 21—Tristan Krajcoric & Roberto Hernandez
  • August 24—Kimberly Jackson
  • August 27—Rafael Celis-Epstein
  • August  28—Evan DeCarufel
  • August 29—Elliana & Sophia Strauss
  • August 31—Zachary Kambour


  • 1 Year —  Sunny Saephan & Raul Gomez-Santos
  • 2 Years —  Brandon Embrey
  • 3 Years —  Victor Yeasting,  Justin Kimmerle & Lucas Bower
  • 5 Years — Missy Fox & Yue-Su (May)
  • 6 Years — Rachel May
  • 10 Years— Matt Haggerty